It’s that time again…summer holidays!  In this part of the world, if the children are not locked into a summer camp, extra lessons, travels abroad, then we are here to help you keep ‘BOREDOM’ at bay.

Welcome to boredom crashers course 101. I will be taking you on a journey on how to enjoy the quality family time right in the center of your home.

Sometimes, You won’t need to go to the top 5 recommended beaches to enjoy quality time. Right from the comfort of your home, I will show 7 ways you can escape boredom.
Ready? Let’s get right into it.
The first on our list is…

Dress up Corner

This is best for girls aged 3 to 8 years old, but open to all.  I suggest starting it as a ‘goal’ with your children, so they look for pieces of clothing and accessories over holidays, and put them into a special box to play dress up.  Offer up any old clothes, and let them cut, design and bedazzle if necessary.  It will help to keep them busy after all you can never have too many things for Dress up

If you want to know what goes on in the head of your children, this is the perfect game you can play. You can have maximum fun while understanding the influence and impression you have on them.  If you join in, you might catch a glimpse of yourself in their role play. But there is only one rule or maybe two… check your adult self outside the door and enjoy their rules!

Hero Time

Now if you don’t want to play dress up, i suggest Hero Time.  This is play at its best. The power of imagination can turn everyone into a knight, cowboy, pilot, superhero and many more. What better way to enjoy your Saturday, than you watching your boys fly their imaginary Boeing 307 into war? It’s a game you would enjoy if you plan on playing civilians in need of rescuing.

This is a great family bonding game. They will feel needed. Do you want to know how I know this? Wait until your better half gets back and they brag to them how they saved you from monsters and bombs. We all love to be the hero, so enjoy the fame and popularity that comes with that.

Board Games

Ehm, it can be tricky at the start if they are not used to it.  So i always start with games that are based on chance alone, and they can win.  Games such as Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Clue, Bingo and Monopoly.  I also love card games, such as Snap or memory games.  It’s about the rules of the game and not age.

You build their confidence this way.  You are also developing their IQs while having a fun afternoon with them. Family over everything, you can start with one simple board game and work your way up.

Fun In Mud

Yes, and before you move to point five please stop and read.

Let’s get ourselves dirty. Build and play with mud. Hold on, it’s not our typical mud. I remember when I was a kid we had cement, and I would mix it with water and make, build different items from cups to houses. It isn’t slime but it can function as slime. Buy a cement pack, large bowl and water, get those creative juices out. Fun and creativity, who can resist.

Hide and Seek

We have been using our hands a lot, let’s stretch the other part of our limbs, hide and seek is our go-to play. Don’t look down on hiding and seek. You will be amazed by the corners of your home you weren’t aware of that could size an adult. Play this childish game once in a while with your kids, and be amazed by the energetic spirit you would have for the rest of the day. Let’s be kids as well once in a while.

Have a family night

This is great when you have multiple ages.  For us it’s the one night when all of them work together.  Why? We rotate who chooses the activity for the family night.  Our one rule is that everyone must fully participate with no grumbling.  ‘Do as you would want us to do when it’s your turn’ is the motto.

Go all out, if it’s to watch a movie, set up blankets, popcorn, snacks, turn off the lights… If you prepare a meal, everyone must be responsible for something – chop, peel, boil water, fetch and stir, and must stay in the kitchen until the meal is ready. Daddy and mommy can show them the 90s groove while the children laugh in delight.There is no better way to enjoy family time than spending it with the family.

There is no better way to enjoy family time than spending it with the family.

I know my best memories of my parents were when they played and were silly, it made me feel special and boosted the confidence I had in myself. If you are an African parent, it may seem more efficient to focus on discipline and academics with our kids instead of understanding how they work. I hope these 6 tips will show you how to easily have maximum fun with your kids. They will be so proud of you and can’t wait to share with their friends how you played civilians in distress and partook in their hide and seek games.

If you gained 1 thing from my epistle, leave a comment and if there is any other game or fun activity that didn’t make the list, please leave a comment as well.

Thank you.

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