Top 5 fun places to have fun in Abuja

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Top 5 fun places to have fun in Abuja

The season of outings is here. In the normal setting, schools would be closed for the long vacation. Kids will be restless with a lot of high energy to dispense. Don’t worry, I know how it feels.

Top 5 fun places to have fun in Abuja.

Therefore I have taken the pleasure to list five places you can catch fun with the young folks. If you are in Lagos and need something similar then you want to check out the top 10 places to take your kids in Lagos.  With no further ado, let’s get right into it.

Magic land located at No. 1, Kukwaba Hills, Constitution Ave, Abuja consist of theme parks, playgrounds, game & entertainment center, and It costs just 300 Naira for one entry ticket.

Maxtivity entertainment center which has a branch at Lekki, Lagos state is also located at Jabi Lake Mall, Jabi, Abuja. And the attraction they boast of ranges from Arcades, Bumper cars, Virtual Reality, Soft play (0 to 5 years), Wall climbing (outdoor), Trampolines (outdoor), pedal Boats (outdoor).

Monoliza Amusement park, located in the area 11 part of Abuja is an ideal family fun destination in the city, Monoliza Amusement park just like that of magic land amusement park offers varieties of rides for both kids and adults.

Millennium park located in Maitama Abuja and covering a land area of about 32 hectares.  which includes a river, kids playing ground, and a view of the Aso hill. Millennium Park is for families looking for a place to have nice family time.

The National Children’s Park and Zoo is a popular family destination in Abuja, the zoo has both domestic and wild animals such as zebra, ostriches, donkeys, horses, buffalo, monkeys, python snake, crocodile, etc. The zoo also has a relation park and playing ground for children and a lake.

Top 5 fun places to have fun with your kids in Abuja.

Top 5 fun places to have fun in Abuja

Top 5 fun places to have fun in Abuja

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