Top 10 fun centres in Lagos

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With top of the range games, ranging from action to sports, the arcades section has something for all your family to enjoy 
Suitable for 8 to 60 years

Top 10 fun centres in Lagos

Bumper cars

‘What’s your preference – spinning, bumping, or out and out smashing?’
Whatever it is, you’ll find it in our amazing bumper cars arena. You can ride alone or pair-up with parent/friend. 

So much fun that you simply won’t want it to end.

Child cars suitable – 3 to 8 years
Adult Car suitable – 9 years to Adult. It also suitable for pairing Adult & child / Child & Child.

Top 10 places to take kids to in Lagos

Extreme Trampolines

Be it dunking, acrobatics, plunging into foam, or diving into an airbag, our extreme trampoline is a fun-filled workout; bringing a whole new meaning to having fun whilst working-out. 

Great activity for ages 5 – 60years.

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Food & Drinks

Be it popcorn, ice cream, and candy floss, or chicken & chips or pizzas, our choice of fast food options will cater for your needs.  
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Pedal Boats

Enjoy the serenity of Jabi Lake on our pedal or speed boats; a unique and sublime experience that will have you yearning for more. Available in Abuja only.

Suitable: all ages
Capacity: Pedal Boats – 3 persons per boat – Maximum weight N150kg
Speed boat – 10 persons

Top 10 places to take kids to in Lagos

Soft play

The stimulating and alluring ambiance of our softplay areas are too wonderful to resist. Included in these miniature worlds of adventure are climbing frames, slides, ball-pits, and so much more; providing you a wonderful opportunity to relax with friends as your kids have field day.  Times / prices start from 20  minutes.   Can also be included in your overall bundle package.  
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Video Games

Experience an awesome gaming universe with the latest high definition PlayStation games

Great activity for ages 5 – 60years

Top 10 fun centres in Lagos

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Virtual Reality

Be it excitement, frights, or thrills, our Virtual reality chair is an experience like no other.  With options ranging from cartoons to horro, you will encounter the most incredible worlds. 

Your adventure; your reality!

Suitable: 5 to 60years.

Top 10 fun centres in Lagos

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Wall Climbing

Whether you’re looking for fun, or the sheer thrill of a challenge, with levels ranging from easy to difficult, our state-of-the-art TRUBLUE Belay device makes climbing more exciting than ever!

Suitable: 5 years to Adults

Top 10 fun centres in Lagos

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