Terms and Conditions

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Thank you for choosing MAXTIVITY.

These terms & conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) apply to the MAXTIVITY, and all of its divisions.



  1. We do not allow ALCOHOL into the establishment.
  2. We do not allow any form of smoking or drugs in or around our establishment.
  3. No external food, snacks or drinks allowed. A Corkage fee will be required if require permission to be granted.



  1. Only those with purchased tickets may wait/sit at the facility.
  2. For spills and clean up call the attention of a MAXTAINER
  3. Do not litter the area



  1. Please do not leave the establishment with the tokens
  2. Left over tokens must be registered to be used for next visit



  1. Always COLLECT your receipt or invoice.
  2. Payments for an Exclusive birthday party should be made 1 week prior to event.
  3. Payments for Playdate Option should be made at least 48 day prior to event.



  1. Please always leave phone number and an emergency contact, if child/children is/are to be left with secondary carer.


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Maxtivity COVID-19 Safety Procedure

Maxtivity COVID-19 Safety Procedure

  1. No Mask, No Entry. Wear a mask at all times (optional for under 12).
  2. Hand Gloves: All guest will be issued hand gloves upon entry.
  3. Sanitize Before Entry.  All guests will be required to sanitize their hands prior to entry. 
  4. Check Your Temperature. Submit to temperature checks prior to entry.
  5. Pre-booking only. Please book your Date, time-slot and play packages online. Simply check in on arrival. 
  6. Capacity management – In order to keep to 50% capacity. We allow 10 guest bookings per hour
  7. Your safety is our priority! We take utmost care in disinfecting all equipment and the entire facility regularly with hospital grade sanitizers.